Will GBP break the 1.3780-1.3800 zone ?

Will GBP break the 1.3780-1.3800 zone ?

The US Yield has gone up which is supporting the dollar. GBPUSD short term trend is down and it has been sold off from 1.400 to 1.3800 several times.

GBP short term trend is down  and it will drop to 1.3600 if the 1.3800-1.3780 zone is broken.


There is news of China sanctioned by US, EU, UK, Canada …. This news is positive for US Dollar and negative for GBP. The possibility of breaking the 1.3780-1.3800 is high.

Zone to watch: 1.3780-1.3800

GBPUSD support zones: 1.3600-1.3620, 1.3490-1.3500

GBPUSD resistant zones: 1.3990-1.3400

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