GBPUSD sold-off and the 1.3390 level

GBPUSD sold-off and the 1.3390 level

GBPUSD was sold off heavily from 1.3390 to 1.3260 as expected because GBP Long positions were taken profit. Why GBPUSD 1.3260-1.3265, check this article

However, GBPUSD got good support around 1.3260-1.3265 and it went back to the  1.3310-1.3330.

The 1.3310-1.3315 is an important zone to watch for today’s GBPUSD trend. GBPUSD will go up to 1.3390 or further to 1.3500 if the 1.3310-1.3315 holds its support.

However, GBPUSD will make a reversal if there is bad news of Brexit and GBPUSD drops bellow the 1.3310-1.3315.


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