Why GBPUSD is the best choice for forex trading

Why GBPUSD is the best choice for forex trading

We recent received questions from several forex traders about GBPUSD

The question is : Why we do not trade the Euro EURUSD

ForexSignals247 Answer:

GBPUSD is the forex pair you should trade – do not trade EURUSD

Some Reasons:

– GBPUSD is a strong currency and has been used for trading hundred of years (this is the same as XAUUSD – Gold)

– GBPUSD has limited economic events to make its movement ( EUR has too many economic events making its movement). You can trade GBPUSD and make consistent profit

– GBPUSD moves in trend, it is less choppy than EURUSD

– ForexSignals247 Best  Price Strategy works best with GBPUSD

Our advice to new forex traders: Focus is the key to be successful. Trading Only 1 Forex Pair is the key to successful trading and  do not use forex service trading many forex pairs.

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