How to trade the news – GBPUSD Live Signal

How to trade the news – GBPUSD Live Signal

As a forex traders, you have known that economic news and events will make currency pairs moving.

Many news trading strategies are asking you to watch the news, analysis the release number and then to trade follow the new short term trend created by the news. This is the hard way to trade and it is risky because sometimes currency pairs move up if there is bad news and sometimes they move down if there is good news.

At ForexSignals247, we use Best Price strategy to BUY or SELL currency at the best price to prepare for the news release. This is an easy way and it is less risky.

For example: on April 16, the 1.4930 was a good SELL Price, we made a SHORT GBPUSD at 1.4930, and then moved Stop to 1.4925 to prepare for the US Job Report.

The US Job Report was bad, GBPUSD went up and the trade made 5 pips profit.

If the report was good, GBPUSD would go down quickly and we could make 100 pips profit

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